Hi guys! Another week down in HK. Nine weeks in and time is still flying here. Some recent eats…


Check out the one-way escalator in the background (it goes down from 6-10 a.m. and then up for the rest of the day). That’s how people commute between Central and Mid-Levels (a 20 minute trip all-up).


Bibimbap bowls from Takorea in Central, our go-to takeaway here. So glad I found this place for a healthier option with lots of fresh veggies. My order: Crispy eggplant with brown rice, topped with a fried egg to up the protein.


Ding Dim 1968 in Central. Best dumplings we’ve had so far. Clockwise: Shrimp + veg, veg and shrimp straight-up.


BA Sushi in Wan Chai…I’ve been back here twice since a friend who lives here introduced it to me. Super fresh and reasonably priced too.


Crab Noodle in LKF. Insane. A must if you’re visiting. Crab meat wonton noodle soup w fried beancurd sheet and buckwheat noodles.


More Crab Noodles: Prawn noodles with fried beancurd sheet on the bottom, steam broc in the tastiest crab broth on the top.


Lunch at home: Tuna salad with brown rice, avo and homemade balsamic dressing.

photo 1

Date night at Linguini Fini, Central. His: ‘On Top of Spaghetti’ – meatball covered with cheese – stole a few bites.

photo 3

Hers: Eggplant parm. All demolished.

photo 2

photo 2-1

Saturday night dessert at Oddies, which has just opened in Central. Can’t go past their low fat 66% dark choc gelato soft serve. So satisfying – like a never-ending piece of dark choc <3

photo 5

New find from City Super. Will be getting this again. The yoghurt is unsweetened but not too tart and the fruit compote isn’t overly sweetened.

photo 4

Dressed up – topped the yoghurt with rolled oats and Meridian 100% Crunchy Peanut Butter. Best brekkie.


Iced coffee with milk foam (insane) from Gong Cha – my new coffee. I ‘happen’ to walk past this place whenever I’m in Central or Taikoo.


Love that Gong Cha lets you choose your ice + sugar level. I get mine without sugar, although I’m not quite sure what makes that milk foam taste so good 😉


Home food: Fried free-range eggs with avo on toasted Food for Life Rice Almond bread – a new find and the best gf bread I’ve had in HK so far, from my favourite health store here, Just Green.

photo 2-2

Throw-together dinner – brown rice, canned wild salmon and my new go-to cabbage salad (added avo after)…the dressing makes this, will share the ‘recipe’ with you guys soon.

And that’s WIAW from HK! Happy hump day 😀