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Top 5 Acai Bowls in Sydney

Spending the summer in search of Sydney’s best acai.

I can’t get enough of acai, and not because it’s healthy (which often it is, but not always the case); I more just love the taste and texture party – and that it feels like I’m eating a bottomless bowl of ice cream for breakfast. Some that I’ve tried are okay, and others good, but these are all ones I’d go back for, in no particular order (but no. 5 is my favourite).

1. Culture Bean


Culture Bean

#willtravelforacai. This Kogarah joint is an acai institution, with snapshots of this photogenic bowl flooding their insta-feed. Blended with banana and watermelon juice, I also love the passionfruit addition and the granola is a 10. On weekends they start closing up around 2pm though, so get in early. (Side note, the coffee isn’t great – pick one up from elsewhere en route.)

Culture Bean 2

Action shot. Look how thick! And I love that there’s no fake purple colour like in some of the more commercial acai.

Culture Bean, 15 Gray St, Kogarah 2217

2. Acai Brothers

$11 for a small, $13 for a large

Not-too-sweet acai under there, blended with banana and a little coconut nectar and coconut water. Heaps of toppings and flavour-combos (I went with the original) and the staff are super friendly.
Acai Brothers Bondi, 2/83-85 Glenayr Ave, Bondi 2026
Acai Brothers Neutral Bay, 8/197 Military Rd, Neutral Bay 2089

3. Depot


Sometimes simple is best. Acai frappe, slightly sweeter than the others, served on a very generous portion of Sonoma’s toasted muesli. While the service isn’t so awesome, the acai is worth it (come here on a weekday to avoid the weekend crowds).

Jo & Willy’s Depot, 286 Campbell Parade, Bondi 2026 

4. Coco Bliss

$14 ($12 for the Original)

When you’re after something more decadent, the Peanut Butter & Jelly Acai Bowl at Coogee’s newest smoothie joint. Rich and slightly tart, loaded with cacao and topped with your choice of granola, whipped chocolate coconut yoghurt and natural PB. Super filling too from all the healthy fats, this kept me going for hours…but really I got this so I could have chocolate for breakkie.

Coco Bliss, 233 Coogee Bay Rd, Coogee 2034

5. Sadhana Kitchen


Acai Sadhana

Saving my best one for last, Sadhana’s Epic Acai Bowl is everrrything. The thickest of them all, the perfect ratio of tart:sweet, and topped with quality fruit and Old Spice gluten free ‘grawnola’ (you won’t leave a crumb behind). Size-wise you could split this between two, but I’ll have this all to myself, thanks 😉

Sadhana Kitchen Bondi, 132 Warners Ave, Bondi 2026
Sadhana Kitchen Enmore, 147 Enmore Rd, Enmore 2042

Any others you think should’ve made the list? Let me know, I’ll happily go sample.




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