Browse the aisles of your local health food store and you’re sure to find an elaborate section dedicated to green powders. Here, we look at what all the hype is about with five reasons why it might be worth giving a greens powder a go:

1. Fruit and vegetables are not what they used to be

You might be having a green smoothie for breakfast, a big colourful salad at lunch, fresh fruit for a snack and roast veg with your dinner, but how much nutritional value is actually retained in the fresh produce we eat? Factors like soil depletion, picking produce before it’s ripe, cold storage and over-cooking food may reduce the nutrient content of your fruit and veg. Shopping for genuinely fresh produce at the farmers market and opting for organic produce can make a difference, but this is not feasible for everyone.

Supplementing your diet with a high quality greens powder like Nuzest’s Good Green Stuff can provide complete nutritional support in one daily serve; With over 75 premium quality ingredients, it gives you a viable, concentrated dose of green vegetables and algae (like spirulina), other vegetables and fruits including antioxidant-rich berries; Plus, it’s fortified with a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals.

2. You’ve been having digestive issues

Whether it’s bloating, gas or constipation, digestive upsets are no fun. And if you’ve just had a bout of diarrhoea, whole, green leafy vegetables with all their roughage may not be ideal; This is where a greens powder can come in handy…Alongside giving you greens like spinach and broccoli and other nutrient-dense veg like beetroot and carrot in an easy-to-digest form, a powder like Good Green Stuff contains ingredients aimed at supporting digestion; Think pre and probiotics to promote good gut flora, soothing slippery elm, ginger to help alleviate nausea, and bromelain – a pineapple-derived digestive enzyme.

3. You live in the modern day world

Even if you eat a wholesome diet full of fresh produce, whole grains, lean meat and plant-based protein, it’s near impossible to escape from things like pollution and pesticides. A top quality greens powder is abundant in antioxidants, ranging from cacao and green tea leaf extract to resveratrol, vitamin E and selenium, which may reduce cellular oxidative stress from environmental toxins.

4. You’re time poor

You get home late from a post-work gym session and wanted to make a salad and steamed veg to have with you dinner…But the broccoli you bought the other day is now slimy and that near-full bag of mixed greens in your fridge has gone limp. A greens powder is a great ‘back up’ for times like these, with sachets of the stuff also being a handy food supplement to take with you on plane trips and holidays.

5. You’re run down

Stress has unfortunately become a common experience in modern day society, and it impacts each of us differently. It’s important to be kind to yourself in times of stress, setting yourself aside some down-time each day (whether that be going for a walk, hitting the gym or meditating) and making sure to nourish your body from the inside out – A daily greens powder that covers all bases is a convenient way to give yourself that extra nutritional support; One like Good Green Stuff contains nutrients like B vitamins for cellular energy production and shitake mushroom, which may provide immune support.

…But aren’t green powders gross?

If you choose the right brand, a greens powder can be surprisingly tasty thanks to the fruit content, as well as the addition of ingredients like stevia and natural pineapple and vanilla flavours, which you’ll find in Good Green Stuff; Mix it with a glass of water for a refreshing, tropical-tasting pick-me-up. It also works well with coconut water, or blended with a plant-based vanilla protein powder, like Nuzest’s Clean Lean Protein for a satiating smoothie.

NUZEST® Good Green Stuff, The Feel Good Superfood™: Packed with over 75 ingredients, Good Green Stuff is a food-sourced dietary supplement to help fill the nutritional gaps left in the modern-day diet. It’s a tasty blend of greens, fruits, vegetables, herbs and berries; Fortified with vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, probiotics, antioxidants and more – providing complete nutritional support in one daily serve. 
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