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What I Ate Wednesday in Taipei – Part 2

Hi guys! I had to share a second round of eats from our trip to Tapei over CNY...Everything we ate here was exceptionally good; actually I take that back, there was the stinky tofu, which you'll see in a moment ;) Tapei 101; at 508m tall, it was the tallest building in the world [...]

What I Ate Wednesday in Taipei! Part 1

Hi all! With setting up life and having a lot of fun in HK I've been a little absent, but have been meaning to share some insanely good (and cheap!) eats from our trip to Taipei over Chinese New Year - this is the place to go if you're a foodie. Taipei is all about [...]

What I Ate Wednesday…in Hong Kong!

Yep! It's official. Last week I moved to Hong Kong to be with this guy. So much to take in - HK is buzzing and I still have to pinch myself that I'm here for a while.  A snapshot of what we've been eating... Local food - Cucumber salad with garlic and [...]

What I Ate Wednesday!

 Breakfast Sanitarium crunchy 100% peanut butter w banana on wholegrain spelt. My iced coffee (made with Loving Earth's Drinking Chocolate) to wash it down ;) Mid morning pick-me-up. Love this stuff. Lunch Packed a salad last night for work today - That's my go to dressing: Just pure tahini and lemon juice. A fudgey cacao [...]

What I Ate Wednesday

Happy 2015! (Not sure how much longer I can say that for). I'm back after a bit of a hiatus with this segment. Today's eats... Breakfast! Not the prettiest of breakfasts (think it's missing some pink) but always delicious. Farmers Union full fat Greek yoghurt, 2 dessertspoons rolled oats, a little banana and mandatory nut [...]

What I Ate Wednesday – Balancing it all out

The last week has been a lot of fun - Red wine, froyo and cocktails like this may have been consumed on more than one occasion... White Chocolate Passionfruit Martini @ Lil Darlin Insane! I think this may be the best cocktail I've ever had?! With white choc liqueur, cake infused vodka and ruby red grapefruit - [...]

What I Ate Wednesday

Back to Aussie eats :D BREAKFAST Just one of the perks of working at a health food store - Taking home awesome leftover food at the end of the day. Spelt muffin from O Organic Produce in Surry - Full of coconut, apple and berries.  COFFEE Date @ Earth to Table Bondi I loved the [...]

What I Ate (and didn’t eat) in LA – Part III

So this is the last of my eats in Cali! The food was mostly awesome... More granola-topped yoghurt bowls for brekkie...Love Fage yoghurt! Creamy, thick, perfectly tart AND 17 g protein! Went back to the Original Farmer's Market for these insanely good stevia-sweetened granitas - Mango (my grandpa's) and Coffee (mine of course). What a [...]