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Eats Lately in HK – Food Reviews for Sassy and Sassy Mama HK

To all my Sydney friends who've been asking me about the food scene in HK, and to my new HK friends (Hi!) who have asked for food recommendations, here's a little snapshot of some highlights. Click on the links for my food reviews for Sassy and Sassy Mama HK...love that eating is part of the [...]

Cinnamon-Coconut Mug Cake

Because many Hong Kong kitchen's come without an oven (ours included), I'm back on the Mug Cake/One Minute Muffin train. It's suddenly gotten cold in HK, so a mug cake (a healthy one, of course), has been my go-to, warm-me-up breakfast of late. Here's a new recipe I've come up with. If you find healthy [...]

What I Ate Wednesday…in Hong Kong!

Yep! It's official. Last week I moved to Hong Kong to be with this guy. So much to take in - HK is buzzing and I still have to pinch myself that I'm here for a while.  A snapshot of what we've been eating... Local food - Cucumber salad with garlic and [...]