Triple Choc Coffee Truffles – No Blender Needed

6 Eastern Suburbs Cafes with GOOD Gluten Free Bread

8 Healthy Pancake Spots in Sydney

Who says pancakes have to be whipped up with white flour and topped with ice cream? This classic breakfast is being health-ified at more and more breakkie joints, so health enthusiasts and those of us with dietary requirements can have our pancakes and eat them too.
Whether you’re after something gluten free/dairy free/vegan/sweet or savoury, […]

No-Blend Mocha Balls for Sassy Mama HK

Hi guys! I’ve been a little bit absent lately; alongside being a Native English Teacher here, I’ve been busy working as an Editorial Intern and Contributor for Sassy and Sassy Mama HK! 😀 These online publications are the ultimate woman’s guides to Hong Kong (Sassy has been a lifesaver for me since moving here), […]

Cinnamon-Coconut Mug Cake

Because many Hong Kong kitchen’s come without an oven (ours included), I’m back on the Mug Cake/One Minute Muffin train.
It’s suddenly gotten cold in HK, so a mug cake (a healthy one, of course), has been my go-to, warm-me-up breakfast of late.
Here’s a new recipe I’ve come up with.
If you find healthy mug cakes […]