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“I am currently undertaking a personalised weight loss package from the lovely Melissa of Melissa Eats Mindfully. Over the past few years I have gained a little extra weight, finding it hard to shift. Melissa entered my life at exactly the right time for me.

Finally ready to make the commitment I had my first consultation with Melissa- the best decision ever. She put together a realistic, achievable program, giving me all the tools and guidance I needed to start my journey. The detailed, personalised diet plan made life so easy – [by] knowing exactly what delicious meals I [would be] eating [and] with yummy dessert options, I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything.

Melissa is always in contact, checking in with how things are going and always sending new ideas and motivation [tips]. I have had amazing results – losing 4 kilos [I’m] already halfway to my goal, and in a realistic time frame which makes it achievable to keep the weight off long term. I could not recommend Melissa highly enough.” Since her testimonial, Bianca has lost another 2.3 kilos.

“I am pretty active and play a lot of sport but as I get older and get injured more, I’ve realised that I want a healthier lifestyle. For a while I’d wanted to start eating healthily but never knew where to start. For me, the hardest part was putting in the effort, as I don’t have time to make complex meals…Melissa listened, understood my situation, gave me options and made a program which didn’t require a lot of change – rather substitutions which were easy to implement. I was still sceptical about it but decided to give it a go, and within the first three to four weeks I noticed some changes. I no longer felt lethargic at work, lost a little bit of weight and generally felt healthier. It’s now been about six months and healthy eating is now part of my routine; I’m probably in better shape than I was when I was more active/playing more sport.”


Pre-Workout Snacks: My Top Five

  Unsure what to snack on before you hit the gym? Here are my favourite pre-workout snacks which provide adequate nutrients and energy - so you can make the most of your workout. 1) Protein Shake Easy to tote, easy to digest and easy to down when you're on the go. A bit of a [...]

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What I Ate Wednesday…in Hong Kong!

Yep! It's official. Last week I moved to Hong Kong to be with this guy. So much to take in - HK is buzzing and I still have to pinch myself that I'm here for a while.  A snapshot of what we've been eating... Local food - Cucumber salad with garlic and [...]

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Five Reasons to Cut Down on Caffeine

Do you depend on three or four coffees daily, or an energy drink to get you past the 3pm slump? Here’s how reducing your caffeine consumption can benefit you and your health. Some healthy substitutes and tips in here too, to make cutting down on the stuff as pleasant as possible 😉 1) Improved Sleep [...]

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Equation For A Healthy Snack

 When it comes to choosing a nutritious snack to tide you over, there are three things you need in the equation: Protein + Fat + Fibre. Here’s why. Some snack ideas in here for you too. 1) Protein: By helping to stabilise your blood sugar levels, a protein-rich snack can help keep you fuller for [...]

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Why is Sugar So Addictive?

Why you can't stop with the sweet stuff, and some tips for kicking the habit. 1) It Can Create a Sense of Euphoria …A short-lived one, that is. This is particularly the case with fructose, a sugar that’s highly concentrated in high fructose corn syrup, as well as honey and supposedly ‘healthy’ agave syrup. Just [...]

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No-Bake Protein 'Halva' Bites
No Bake Vanilla Choc Protein Slice
High Protein Berry Breakfast Crumble
No-Bake Vanilla Protein Shortbread
Five Minute Fudge
Perfect Eggplant & Tofu Stir-Fry