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No-Blend Mocha Balls for Sassy Mama HK

Hi guys! I've been a little bit absent lately; alongside being a Native English Teacher here, I've been busy working as an Editorial Intern and Contributor for Sassy and Sassy Mama HK! :D These online publications are the ultimate woman's guides to Hong Kong (Sassy has been a lifesaver for me since moving here), check [...]

What I Ate Wednesday in Taipei – Part 2

Hi guys! I had to share a second round of eats from our trip to Tapei over CNY...Everything we ate here was exceptionally good; actually I take that back, there was the stinky tofu, which you'll see in a moment ;) Tapei 101; at 508m tall, it was the tallest building in the world [...]

Choc Crackle Peanut Protein Balls – No Blender Needed!

    Since moving to Hong Kong, I've been adapting to having a tiny kitchen. My blender pretty much takes up all the counter space and so I've put it away and have been experimenting with one bowl, blend-free bliss ball recipes for minimal mess. Apart from being being quick and easy to make, this [...]

What I Ate Wednesday in Taipei! Part 1

Hi all! With setting up life and having a lot of fun in HK I've been a little absent, but have been meaning to share some insanely good (and cheap!) eats from our trip to Taipei over Chinese New Year - this is the place to go if you're a foodie. Taipei is all about [...]

Cinnamon-Coconut Mug Cake

Because many Hong Kong kitchen's come without an oven (ours included), I'm back on the Mug Cake/One Minute Muffin train. It's suddenly gotten cold in HK, so a mug cake (a healthy one, of course), has been my go-to, warm-me-up breakfast of late. Here's a new recipe I've come up with. If you find healthy [...]

Caramel Coffee Oats

Yep. I've merged two of my favourite foods (if coffee counts as a food?) into one. Sydney-style coffee in HK is rare and $$ (ranging from $6-$9 AUD) - so I've resorted to adding coffee to my porridge for an a.m caffeine hit. The warm, gooey overripe banana paired with a little raw sugar tastes [...]

A Happy New Year, for You and Your Gut

Feeling bloated and ‘blah' post holidays? Here are my top five diet and lifestyle tips for getting your gut, and your energy back on track in 2016. 1) Cut Down on the Cocktails Apart from being a gastric irritant, alcohol is also a depressant, which can explain the upset stomach and below average mood the [...]

Tea: Are You Drinking Yours at the Wrong Time?

Which tea should you be drinking when? Have tea time at the right time with my top tips on my favourite drink to wind down or get going with. In the a.m.: English Breakfast With about 50% less caffeine than your cup of coffee, a mug of rich, full-bodied English Breakfast can put some pep [...]