Do you depend on three or four coffees daily, or an energy drink to get you past the 3pm slump?
Here’s how reducing your caffeine consumption can benefit you and your health. Some healthy substitutes and tips in here too, to make cutting down on the stuff as pleasant as possible 😉

1) Improved Sleep

Attn: afternoon coffee drinkers – caffeine’s half-life is about six hours; So, six hours after you’ve had your coffee (or energy drink), only half of it will have been eliminated from your body (your liver doing most of the work).
If you keep finding yourself staring wide-eyed at the ceiling, it may be worth drinking your afternoon cappuccino a bit earlier – say at 3 instead of 5pm. Or better yet, stick to one or two coffees in the morning and switch to a cuppa tea in the afternoon; This way you’ll still be getting a bit of caffeine, but not as much as coffee. After lunch, we’re sipping on the new Tea Treats range from Madame Flavour at GoodnessMe Box HQ; I’m loving the Orange-Choc Ceylon for an afternoon pick-me-up.
What about energy drinks? These are worth cutting out all together – Not only are they full of sugar loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners and other strange ingredients, energy drinks are usually super caffeinated. Take one popular variety you’ll see at the servo or convenience store; It contains around twice as much caffeine as a shot of coffee.

2) Increased Savings

Buying your coffee regularly becomes expensive, especially when you’re having several a day. Take my go-to almond milk capp, which on average costs four bucks(Yep!)…Two of these a day = $2,920 a year!
I’m not saying stop buying coffee altogether (I for one love my coffee), BUT to be mindful about whether you’re grabbing a second or third latte out of habit or because you actually want it. I’ve noticed I tend to order a second coffee when I’m out for Sunday brunch – just to have something while sitting and chatting after eating – only to end up feeling too full and too caffeinated!

3) Weight Loss

Don’t forget that caffeinated drinks contain kilojoules – unless you have your coffee black or with a dash of milk. Finding it hard to drop those few extra kilos that have crept on? Cutting back on coffee or stopping that energy drink habit might be all it takes to kick them.
With milky coffee, two instead of three a day can make quite a difference, as can ordering a regular size rather than a large. If you have sugar in your coffee, try halving the amount of sugar in each cup for one week, then halving it again the following week, until you’re down to none. You’ll probably start to appreciate the depth of flavour coffee sans sugar, and find sweetened coffee too sickly after this.
Or, have a tea; A much lower in energy alternative (virtually kilojoule free), and with the varieties now available, it’s easy to find one that hits the spot – like Madame Flavour’s Caramel Oolong; Take that caramel latte!

4) Better Gut Health

Caffeine on an empty stomach can be a recipe for an upset stomach, whether that be diarrhoea, bloating, nausea or stomachache (or a combination of these). Even with a meal lining your stomach, coffee doesn’t agree with everyone.
Love how coffee tastes but not so much the running to the bathroom 10 minutes later? Try a cup of dandelion tea instead…Don’t knock it before you try it; it tastes surprisingly similar to coffee but has no caffeine, and traditionally is used as a digestive tea… Delicious with a dash of milk.

5) Reduced Stress

Sensitive to caffeine? If you answered ‘yes’, you’ll probably know that there’s only so much you can have before you get all jittery.
A cup of herbal tea like chamomile is a much more sensible option and also encourages you to stop, sit, sip and slow down. A tea ritual can leave you feeling calmer, which in turn will allow you to be more productive with your day.
A word from Madame Flavour:
“Fancy a Tea Treat?
Me too. So, I’ve created Tea Treats: dessert-inspired leaf teas with sweet bits. Naughty but not, because it’s tea. Just 2 kj per cup. Indulge in Orange-Choc Ceylon with cocoa bean pieces, orange peel and a restrained sprinkling of European dark chocolate drops at morning tea. Delight in light and dreamy Caramel Oolong mid-afternoon and pamper yourself with an after-dinner Mint-Choc Rooibos treat.”
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