Eats Lately in HK – Food Reviews for Sassy and Sassy Mama HK

To all my Sydney friends who've been asking me about the food scene in HK, and to my new HK friends (Hi!) who have asked for food recommendations, here's a little snapshot of some highlights. Click on the links for my food reviews for Sassy and Sassy Mama that eating is part of the [...]

No-Blend Mocha Balls for Sassy Mama HK

Hi guys! I've been a little bit absent lately; alongside being a Native English Teacher here, I've been busy working as an Editorial Intern and Contributor for Sassy and Sassy Mama HK! :D These online publications are the ultimate woman's guides to Hong Kong (Sassy has been a lifesaver for me since moving here), check [...]

A Happy New Year, for You and Your Gut

Feeling bloated and ‘blah' post holidays? Here are my top five diet and lifestyle tips for getting your gut, and your energy back on track in 2016. 1) Cut Down on the Cocktails Apart from being a gastric irritant, alcohol is also a depressant, which can explain the upset stomach and below average mood the [...]

Tea: Are You Drinking Yours at the Wrong Time?

Which tea should you be drinking when? Have tea time at the right time with my top tips on my favourite drink to wind down or get going with. In the a.m.: English Breakfast With about 50% less caffeine than your cup of coffee, a mug of rich, full-bodied English Breakfast can put some pep [...]

Matcha: What is It?

What exactly is this trendy green drink, and is it really good for you? Matcha lattes are appearing on more and more Sydney café menus, and they’re big in Hong Kong too (if you follow me on instagram you’ll know I can’t get enough of the stuff). All the answers to your questions on matcha, [...]

Three Tips for Alleviating Constipation

  Feeling backed up? Constipation can be uncomfortable and even painful. Here are three things you can do to alleviate constipation, so you can be your energised self again - no laxatives required. 1. Have Fibre There are two types of this plant-based nutrient: soluble and insoluble fibre, both of which can help alleviate constipation. [...]

Pre-Workout Snacks: My Top Five

  Unsure what to snack on before you hit the gym? Here are my favourite pre-workout snacks which provide adequate nutrients and energy - so you can make the most of your workout. 1) Protein Shake Easy to tote, easy to digest and easy to down when you're on the go. A bit of a [...]

Five Reasons to Cut Down on Caffeine

Do you depend on three or four coffees daily, or an energy drink to get you past the 3pm slump? Here’s how reducing your caffeine consumption can benefit you and your health. Some healthy substitutes and tips in here too, to make cutting down on the stuff as pleasant as possible ;) 1) Improved Sleep [...]

Equation For A Healthy Snack

 When it comes to choosing a nutritious snack to tide you over, there are three things you need in the equation: Protein + Fat + Fibre. Here’s why. Some snack ideas in here for you too. 1) Protein: By helping to stabilise your blood sugar levels, a protein-rich snack can help keep you fuller for [...]