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Five Reasons to Eat Chocolate for Breakfast

Why I’m justifying dessert for breakkie.  1) You’ll Skip the ‘Snooze’ Button Because chocolate for breakfast! I’m talking about the pure stuff though, not the refined sugar and vegetable oil laden confectionary-chocolate. Stir a teaspoon of 100% cacao powder through your porridge or yoghurt, or add it to a smoothie…Cacao is naturally bittersweet so sweeten [...]

Five Healthy Ways to Spice Up Your Salad

Forget the mayo, croutons and bottled salad dressings. There are so many other ways to make your salad more exciting, and without compromising on nutrition.  1) Think Colour Because we eat with our eyes. Plus, the more colour, the more flavour, texture and nutrients. I try to include at least five different veggies in my [...]

Five Healthy Hot Drinks Trending this Winter

Curl up in the colder months with one of these nourishing drinks. There’s something for everyone here. :D 1) Bulletproof Coffee I tried this for the first time the other day at a Nutrition seminar – Creamy and rich, bulletproof coffee is black coffee mixed with grass-fed unsalted butter and unique MCT (medium chain triglyceride) [...]

The Gluten Free Revolution: Is going gluten free all it’s cracked up to be?

My answers to your questions on all things gluten. "What exactly is gluten?" A protein found in barley, rye, oats and wheat (the acronym ‘BROW’ is an easy way to remember this), gluten gives your bread that nice, elastic-like stretch. Triticale (‘trit-ih-kay-lee’) - a hybrid of wheat and rye, which you’ll often find in mueslis - [...]

Cooking With COCONUT

Fresh young coconut straight from the tree after a rainforest hike in Maui last year. Cracked open thanks to my awesome tour guide here. I’m a big fan of coconut because it’s so versatile, and so nearly none of its components are wasted. Technically a fruit (it’s often mistaken for a member of [...]

What are you REALLY drinking?

The lowdown on the nasties hiding in our everyday drinks - And some healthier substitutes for you :D 1) Sugar Sometimes obvious, sometimes not, sugar is abundant in commercial drinks, from soft drinks and sports drinks to fructose-loaded fruit juice…And there’s a reason why it’s easier to drink your morning chai than it is a [...]

My Nutrition Practice has Officially Launched!

That's right! All the hard work has paid off...I am now taking Nutrition consultations! What can I do for you? If you want to lose those extra kilos or if you’re experiencing digestive discomfort (such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome or bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhoea), I’m here to help you - and all in the comfort of your own home. [...]

Five Low Sugar Snacks that will Leave You Feeling Satisfied.

Yep, they exist – Take it from me, a girl with a big sweet tooth;) Trying to cut down on sugar but stuck for ideas in the snack department? Here are five of my favourite go-to snacks that keep me satisfied between main meals and my sweet tooth under control, without too much sugar. 1) [...]