Welcome to Melissa Eats Mindfully, my corner of the blog world.

I’m Melissa, an Australian Nutritionist, health foodie and blogger.

My interest in health stemmed from my own weight loss journey back in 2007. I had gained a significant amount of weight in my last two years of high school, which left me feeling sluggish and self-conscious.

Fad diets had nothing but a yoyo effect on my weight; Low carb and grain free diets were not things I was able to realistically implement long term.

Fed up with the ‘all or nothing’ approach of dieting, I got serious about losing the weight for life, switching to a wholefood diet, sticking to it 80% of the time (Life’s too short to never enjoy a cupcake!), and implementing a realistic exercise plan.

Seven months down the track I was almost 11 kilos lighter and had my confidence and energy back.

I was halfway through my Arts degree in English when I decided I wanted to study nutrition as well. Almost five years later and even more passionate about nutrition than ever, I am now a qualified Nutritionist!
Having worked in health food stores while studying nutrition for over four years, I have tried and tested countless health food products, a definite perk of the job!
I believe in real, wholesome foods and what they can do for the body and mind. Digestive health and weight loss for wellbeing are my passions, as through my own experiences I have seen just how much of a difference certain foods and a healthy lifestyle can make when it comes to these issues.

Whether you’re here for some health tips or new fun recipes, I hope my blog leaves you inspired!

BA (English Literature) – Macquarie University
Adv Dip Nutritional Medicine – Nature Care College