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A Not So Ordinary What I Ate Wednesday

I was spoilt today.

Look what was hand-delivered to my door this morning!


Fresh batch of Luz cold-pressed almond milk. I’ve tried the original and Medjool date flavours before, so I already knew the product was awesome…But this new espresso one is my favourite! Creamy, nutty and with the perfect amount of sweetness from Medjool dates. And how beautiful is the packaging and presentation? Thank you Luz, what a great way to start my day 😀

HIGH TEA @ Sadhana Kitchen


Almond milk latte to start. My mornings aren’t complete without coffee. Get ready…


My best friend and naturopath Dina Savitz and I gave this to each other for our birthdays. Best. Idea. Ever. Sadhana was Sydney’s first, organic/raw/vegan cafe; They know how to do raw food.

On the middle tier: Assorted cake samples (mango cheezecake/banana caramel/triple layered cake with an espresso (!!) layer on the top). Plus date and fig scones with raspberry chia jam (the best I’ve had) and coconut cream.


Thought you’d like a closeup: ‘Tim Tams’, caramel slice and choc-raspberry tarts, our favourite thing from the spread.


Clockwise those are eggplant ‘pastrami’ rolls, cucumber sandwiches with cashew cream cheeze on house made corn bread, mini mushroom and red capsicum quiches and coconut ‘bacon’ pizzettes. All delicious. And was good to switch from sweet to savoury, and then back again 😉


Yep, we pretty much ate it all. The staff said most customers aren’t able to make as much of a dent in this as we did. Took the leftover tim tams and caramel slices home for another day 😀

DINNER @ Coogee Pavilion


Seafood stew with garlic toast and a glass of Cab Sav for another friend’s birthday. So good! This was my first time here and I highly recommend it. Everyone loved their food. There was so much on the menu I wanted to try, so I’ll be back 😀


Stole a few bites of my friends’ raw Brussels sprouts salad – With avo, grated egg, some sort of awesome cheese and a shallot black pepper dressing. Photo doesn’t do it justice – It was no like no other salad I’ve tried before.

Not a typical day of eats! Tomorrow I’ll be back to making my own food, but I’ll have some leftover almond milk and Sadhana treats to dig into 😉


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