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8 Healthy Pancake Spots in Sydney

Who says pancakes have to be whipped up with white flour and topped with ice cream? This classic breakfast is being health-ified at more and more breakkie joints, so health enthusiasts and those of us with dietary requirements can have our pancakes and eat them too.

Whether you’re after something gluten free/dairy free/vegan/sweet or savoury, there’s something for everyone here – Bondi bubble and beyond.

1. Bondi Wholefoods (North Bondi)

Cacao pancakes

Cacao Berry Pancakes w/ spelt and quinoa flour, raw cacao cashew ‘cream’ + a little raw organic honey ($17.90). Love all the fresh fruit to balance out the richness.

2. Earth to Table (Bondi Junction)

Earth to Table

One of my favourites, the raw (yes, really) Pancake Special w/ almonds, cacao, probiotic coconut cashew yoghurt, berry coulis + caramelised banana ($19.90). I love that these are sweet, but not sickly. Truly wholesome pancakes, and like everything on the menu here, these babies are gluten free + vegan.

3. Hale & Hearty (Waterloo)


Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes with marscapone ($17.90). Holy moly. Gluten free too (made with rice flour, coconut cream + coconut sugar), and can be made egg-free on request.


Refined Sugar Free Protein Pancakes with your choice of four toppings ($22.90). That’s coconut yoghurt under there.

4. Porch & Parlour (North Bondi)


For the savoury-toothed: that’s a Green Pea Pancake top right ($18) – the healthiest of them all, I’d say. Hiding under a ‘porched’ egg, avo, feta + mint salad.

 5. Bread & Circus (Alexandria)

Bread Circus pancake

Caramelised Lemony Banana Pancakes ($19) – flour-less and made w/ ricotta, banana and biodynamic eggs. Served w/ extra ricotta, maple, lemon compound banana + caramelised banana. Super light + fluffy + no other word to use but moist, so you only need a little syrup. Pancakes sans the bloat.

6. Shuk (North Bondi)


Gluten free Teff Pancake w/ ricotta, sweet dukkah, banana + maple ($15). Apart from the maple this isn’t actually too sweet; you could ask for the syrup on the side to cut back – or not 😉

7. Preach Cafe (Bondi)

Preach Pancake

Chef’s secret recipe Preach Pancakes w/vegan cacao sauce ($18). Rest-assured these are gluten free and full of goodness – think coconut oil, banana, coconut milk, coconut sugar + cinnamon.

8. Nutrition Station (Darlinghurst)

Nutrition Station pancakes

For the gym buffs, but I’ll have these, too 😉 Protein Pancakes w/ four topping varieties ($12.95)…On my to-try list: the ‘Honey Nutter’ ones, topped w/ peanut butter, manuka honey and walnuts.

Let me know if you guys try any of these 😀 And please share any places I’ve missed, I’ll add them next time around! 


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