5 Healthy 7-Eleven Snacks – a post for Sassy HK

Yep. You really can make healthier choices at 7-Eleven.

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Lately: What I’m Listening to/Eating/Reading/Watching/Baking

Listening to
Happier with Gretchen Rubin.
I’m pretty new to the podcast world (for some reason I felt a bit daunted by it, but once you get the hang of it, podcasts are easy to navigate), and thanks to this weekly podcast, I’m hooked. In a nutshell, American writer Gretchen Rubin and her sister discuss doable […]

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Eats Lately in HK – Food Reviews for Sassy and Sassy Mama HK

To all my Sydney friends who’ve been asking me about the food scene in HK, and to my new HK friends (Hi!) who have asked for food recommendations, here’s a little snapshot of some highlights.
Click on the links for my food reviews for Sassy and Sassy Mama HK…love that eating is part of the […]

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No-Blend Mocha Balls for Sassy Mama HK

Hi guys! I’ve been a little bit absent lately; alongside being a Native English Teacher here, I’ve been busy working as an Editorial Intern and Contributor for Sassy and Sassy Mama HK! :D These online publications are the ultimate woman’s guides to Hong Kong (Sassy has been a lifesaver for me since moving here), […]

What I Ate Wednesday in Taipei – Part 2

Hi guys! I had to share a second round of eats from our trip to Tapei over CNY…Everything we ate here was exceptionally good; actually I take that back, there was the stinky tofu, which you’ll see in a moment ;)

 ‘Taipei Eats’ Food Tour
I shared the first half of the tour with you in […]


Choc Crackle Peanut Protein Balls (no blender needed)
Cinnamon-Coconut Mug Cake
Caramel Coffee Oats
No-Bake Protein 'Halva' Bites
No Bake Vanilla Choc Protein Slice
High Protein Berry Breakfast Crumble

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